The Story So Far


A passionate, self-taught artist & entrepreneur living in the California foothills.

Originally from Australia, I traveled to California for fun in 2007, and made it my permanent adventure when I met my wife in San Francisco in 2009.

In 2017, a stained glass purchase gone wrong compelled me to create my own pieces and I was immediately hooked. Relocating to Auburn shortly thereafter gave me the space to truly explore my obsession with glass, color, and light.

For me, working with glass is a meditative experience and allows me to explore my creativity, connect deeply with myself, and find meaning in what I am making.

Garden Shed Glass

Small in space, boundless in vision.

In 2023, with the full support of my wife, I stepped away from the corporate world to pursue my artistic passions full-time and set up my studio... in the garden shed. While the space may be small, the vision is large, with many functional and decorative designs already created.

Using a combination of quality metals, found materials, and new and vintage glass, I draw inspiration from nature, color theory, and mid-century design.

Design Process

Sketching and templating

Ideas are sketched and converted to digital templates.

Scoring and Breaking

Based on the template, a score line is etched on the glass to break the raw shapes out.


The raw edges are smoothed in preparation for the next step in the process, foiling.


Copper foil is taped and burnished around the edges creating a conductive surface to adhere the solder to.


A smooth line of solder is laid down over the foil, joining the glass and completing the pattern.

Cleaning and Polishing

Designs are thoroughly cleaned in a multi-step process before being polished and waxed to protect the final lustre.